What she be like?


At more than one instances, people have pointed out certain “qualities” in me, some of which have made me question myself. After a lot of contemplation, I figured out the how, what and whys of those. Then again, what better way to start a blog other than introducing myself?

Instance#1: You don’t like to talk to me. You are sort of anti-social.
That is so not true! I don’t like to talk unless I have something to say. I am a no-nonsense person. Neither am I a fan of small talk. I prefer intimate and meaningful conversations. Talk to me about something that intrigues me, you will not be able to shut me up.
At all other times, I prefer to be a good listener.

Instance#2: You are very shy and protective of yourself, why?
Again, if I don’t have something to say, I will not be the one talking. I am selectively social. I will not interact with people just for the sake of it. That does not make me a shy person, does it? I certainly am someone who likes to stay cooped up in my own cocoon at all times because that’s where my comfort zone lies, but I am not afraid of people. In fact, if I have something to stand up for, you will often find me to be the last one standing.

Instance#3: You are rude.
This one is partially true. I do not like beating around the bush. I am very straight forward about what I have to say, which people may, more than often, find insensitive and blunt.This does not necessarily mean that it was an intentional attempt to hurt anyone. I’m sure it wasn’t.  I like to keep it simple, real and honest and I expect the same in return. As a matter of fact, I do not like people who are pretentious and dishonest. I find it extremely exhausting and sometimes even pointless to try to understand such people.

Instance#4: You don’t like most people in this world.
I beg to differ on this one. At most times, I succeed at not being judgemental. In my opinion, I am pretty good at accepting people for what they are as long as they don’t fall under the category of “potentially harmful.” On the contrary, I cannot think of any such person whom I would call as a bad person. I may not like certain things about someone, but I am incapable of hating people.

Instance#5: You love being alone.
I am perfectly comfortable in my own skin. I don’t think I need people to entertain me at all times. I think a lot and in all honesty, my inner world is much more rewarding to me. This certainly does not mean that I do not like company. I just don’t like company all day long. On the same note, I like having a genuine connection with one person at a time. To me, two is a company, and three is a crowd.

Instance#6: You are weird.
People say this to me all the time. I agree. I do not always agree with what everyone else has to say. I like being individualistic. In my defence, I’d say, I like challenging the norm.

Instance#7: You don’t know how to have fun.
Okay…so, I am not exactly an adrenaline junkie. As a matter of fact, if there is a uncomfortable amount of noise and talking, I am bound to shut off. But, I have my own ways of having fun which are unknown to people who are not close to me.
I don’t want to be with someone who makes me happy. I am the one who makes me happy.

Instance#8: Why are you so shut off? Is this normally you or is it just the wrong time of the month to talk to you?
Truth of the matter is,I can come off as extremely cold if I have to. I draw the boundaries and I don’t appreciate people crossing them. If you’re not someone I consider as “close to me”, then I’d like you to stay in your territory. If I am not saying much to you, it isn’t because I think I’m too good for you. It just means that I’m cautious of you, or simply want to keep to myself. So, please don’t poke.

Instance#9: What is your problem with making good friends?
I have no issues with making friends. It has never been hard for me to make friends. But I draw the lines to every friendship. I only encourage those friendships which are long-lasting. Everyone else is just an acquaintance.
However, confiding in people is an entirely different story. It is true that there are very few people who I confide in. It’s a matter of trust. In the department of trusting people, I am extremely judgemental and I believe that actions do speak louder than words. Also, I already have a few very understanding and supportive friends (who also happen to be blood-related to me). So, I hardly feel the need to have another confidante.

Instance#10: Why are you, the way you are?
Haha! This one was not easy to answer. I am what I am,bro. If you have a problem (which you certainly do), you should have talked to me about it and I am sure I would have had a reason for whatever behavior of mine put you off. I am a person of reason and values. Try me!